Deborah Diamond Fisch, Psy.D. Psychologist
 Office Phone Number:  973-539-1008


I favor a problem-focused approach to therapy.  A major tenet of the philosophy is Multimodal Therapy.  I was mentored in Multimodal Therapy by Dr. Arnold A. Lazarus, who served as the committee chairperson for my doctoral dissertation, and is credited for developing this approach.  The Multimodal approach is a technically eclectic approach.  The psychologist adopts techniques that will help to alleviate specific patient problems and help to bring about change.  The premise of the philosophy is that the theory is not as important as finding the right technique for that patient.  

Most techniques in this approach are drawn from Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Rational-Emotive therapy.  Some methods are drawn from family systems, communication training and many other orientations when the situation demands it.  

The therapeutic relationship is critical in the process.

Another aspect of my personal philosophy is that I believe everyone is entitled to receive the best emotional and physical help that they can, and not have to sacrifice paying bills and student loans to do so.  By accepting insurance, I have been able to work with people of all income levels.  Consequently, I made the decision to accept health insurance from my first days in practice.  I know that it is very difficult to find experienced psychologists in private practice who will accept insurance in our area.  My practice works with most health insurance companies - and works well with them!